Throughout his career, Rick's had the opportunity and wherewithal to compete on the cutting edge of the mortgage technology industry. Rick's always been a bit of a rebel, and his "never take no as an answer" mentality has allowed him to create new boundaries in the business of
originating, funding and selling mortgages.

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Industry technology providers are charging an arm and a leg to be in the mortgage banking business. Unfortunately, that means regional bankers are being kept out of the business, unable to expand or add revenue streams. ReadyPrice provides the industry with a cloud-based platform for companies of all sizes. The system manages products and pricing, mortgage banking back office workflows and customers. Mortgage.Exchange serves as the first SaaS platform designed and deployed for all industry stakeholders to collaborate and transact at an affordable price for each. 




Western Bancorp served California mortgage brokers as a wholesale mortgage lender in the great tradition its founder had created. In addition to wholesale lending, Western served the independent mortgage broker by providing the tools, technology and products to compete with the big box banks. Having been birthed after the market crash of 2007, Western went on to specialize in Jumbo Lending, primarily in home purchase transactions, and eventually became a Jumbo & technology leader in the markets it served.


Founder & CEO


LoanCity gave the mortgage industry its first broker to wholesale transaction portal. LoanCity was a business-to-business, end-to-end, e-commerce system and transaction platform. Its system was created to serve mortgage brokers with a single clearinghouse delivering its loans to all the nation’s largest lenders once the loans were close. The combination of technology and fulfillment services revolutionized the way mortgages were made by providing mortgage brokers with the tools, processes, and technology vital to their success. The LoanCity process was the forerunner to what is known today in the industry as the Non-Delegated Correspondent Channel.


Founder & CEO


It was at America’s Funding Source that the Idea of creating a product and pricing system was birthed. America's Funding Source was an early adopter of technology by automating the mortgage experience. It became the first west coast lender to develop an “in-house mortgage solution” for real estate companies, providing loan originators to 165 of the leading real estate firms located throughout the California at the time. All the site began remotely transacting on the company’s proprietary technology prior to public access to the internet.




America’s Funding Source and Charles Schwab together developed the mortgage industry’s first consumer-direct online retail mortgage shopping and origination service. In 1995 Charles Schwab took note of the success that America’s Funding Source was having in their San Francisco back yard and engaged AFS to create the first consumer direct online mortgage experience. The system was dubbed “Schwab Personal Mortgage Broker” and test piloted in the San Francisco bay area. At the time the market wasn’t quite ready, but many of the first consumer direct online companies followed the experience created by AFS and Schwab.




The regional mortgage broker began with humble roots as a one-man brokerage in San Jose, California. At the time, the mortgage brokerage industry was in its infancy and Almaden Home Loans was one of only a handful of mortgage brokers serving the Silicon Valley. Almaden Home Loans had grown into a local power house with dozens of originators, and helped to establish mortgage brokers as a reliable and vital part of the industry.



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